Parv Bancil

‘FIND ME AMONGST THE BLACK’, 2007. Commissioned by Zero Culture. 2007. Directed by Darshan Singh Bhullar.

‘PAPA WAS A BUS CONDUCTOR’, 2001. A reworking of the play. London tour. Opened to excellent reviews.

‘RECALL’, 2001. A series of monologues used to dramatise a dance piece. Directed by Darshan Singh Bhullar. Opened at the Royal Opera House, London then Toured nationally.

'BOLLYWOOD OR BUST, INNIT': 1999: Commissioned by 'One Nation Under a Groove', innit. Directed by Neran Persaud.

'MADE IN ENGLAND': 1998. Commissioned by THE RED ROOM. Directed by Lisa Goldman.

Published Black and Asian Plays Anthology.

'TERRITORIES': 1997. Commissioned by the Camden Education Authority for the Camden Young Peoples Theatre.

'FOUR  STORIES': 1997 Commissioned by Sampad for Yehleieh Youth  Thea­tre. Directed by Neran Persaud.

'CRAZYHORSE': 1997 Commissioned by Pains Plough. Directed by Vicky Featherstone.

Published by Faber and Faber

'JAAGO (GET REAL.): 1997.Commissioned by Peshka theatre, based in  Old­ham. Directed by Harmage Singh Khalirai.

' THE  BROTHERHOOD': 1996 Commissioned by  Yehleieh  Youth  Theatre.

'PAPA  WAS A BUS CONDUCTOR': Written in November 1995. Directed by Harmage Singh Khalirai.

'UNGRATEFUL DEAD': Written in 1995. Commissioned by the  Water­mans Arts Centre. Produced by the Watermans. Directed by  Hardial Rai.

'BLOODLINE': Written in 1990/91. Commission by the Black Caucus and Tara  Arts  and performed by Tara Arts, directed by Jatinder Verma.

'KINGS': Written in 1990 : produced by HAC Theatre directed by John Keefe. Opened at Watermans Arts Centre.

'BAD  COMPANY': Written  in 1989:  produced  by  HAC  Theatre. Directed by Euton Daley, performed at Tara Arts in February  1990.

'HOW'S YOUR SKULL...DOES IT FIT?': Written in 1988, produced and performed  by HAC Theatre, toured Watermans Arts Centre  &  Tara Arts Centre.

'THE  CURSE OF THE DEAD DOG': Co-written with Ravinder  Gill  in 1986,  produced and toured by HAC Theatre in 1987.  Directed  by Richard  Hanson  and  toured London opening  at  Watermans  Arts Centre. 

Stage plays produced: